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Gold Cup is a team tennis tournament for players with a GLTA ranking of A (or lower). The Gold Cup is an annual team tennis tournament played in October each year for A-ranked club members. The first Gold Cup was held in San Diego in 2017, and in 2024 Vancouver was added to the roster of participating cities, along with Seattle.

We are so excited to put together our first team to compete in the Gold Cup in San Diego in 2024!

Each Club enters a team of a minimum of 12 players, competing in doubles and singles match play over a two-day period. The team with the greatest number of wins is proclaimed the winner of the Gold Cup. The tournament is expected to occur over one weekend near the end of September or the beginning of October.

While this is a competitive tournament, it is a great opportunity to meet and socialize with other LGBTQ+ players across the participating cities.

August 17-18
Dates TBC
Participating Teams
  • Los Angeles Tennis Association (LATA)
  • San Diego Tennis Federation (SDTF)
  • San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Tennis Federation (GLTF)
  • Seattle Tennis Alliance (STA)
  • Vancouver Tennis Association (VTA)

2024 Team

If you would like to participate, or volunteer as captain for the VTA Team, please email


What is the cost?

VTA members who wish to participate are required to cover several costs involved in participating in this tournament, including:

  • Tournament entry fee (often partly subsidized by VTA for members)
  • Flights
  • Accommodation (for tournaments in other cities)

For travel, often VTA members will share accommodation (like an Airbnb) to save costs and build team camaraderie.

Gold Coast Cup Team Tennis Manual

Revised August 11, 2017 (needs update)

Download PDF