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The Cups are team-based tennis tournaments where our club competes against other LGBTQ+ clubs. Each Cup happens once per year, and each city competes as one team (of 12 to 30 players).

The hosting responsibilities for each Cup cycles through the participating cities of that Cup (and hence locations change each year).

All VTA members are encouraged to participate in the Cups. They are open to all genders – and we would love to see more diversity of our membership participating!

The Cup that best suits you to play will depend on your GLTA Ranking / Play Division:

Participating LGBTQ clubs
  • Seattle:
    Seattle Tennis Alliance
  • Portland:
    Team Portland Tennis Association
  • Los Angeles:
    Los Angeles Tennis Association (LATA)
  • San Francisco:
    San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Tennis Federation (GLTF)
  • San Diego:
    San Diego Tennis Federation (SDTF)
  • Vancouver:
    Vancouver Tennis Association (VTA)

(Note: not all cities participate in all Cups)


What is the Cups format?

The Cups are two-day team based tournaments with both singles and doubles played (usually occurring over a weekend). Each city competes as one team of 12 to 30 players.

Specific play formats and rules apply to each Cup – further details on those Cup pages.

Why should I play?

The Cups are a great way to build competition and tournament experience – with the support of a your fellow team members.

  • Encouraging and fun team environment
  • The socials and banquet dinners over the tournament (many teams also organise team gatherings before the Cup)
  • The VTA has committed to running further skills development before the Cups for participants – meaning you get even more court time!
  • Often teams will organise shared accommodation for all team members (like AirBnb) to build camaraderie and have some travel buddies
  • Meet GLTA players from other cities

What if I don’t have a GLTA ranking?

Each team is allowed one (and only one) team member who does not have a GLTA ranking.

If you do not have a GLTA ranking, we still encourage you to participate – just let your captain know. If you are unsure of your division our VTA Play Director may be able to help you:

While entry to the Cups is based off of GLTA rankings, they are not GLTA sanctioned tournaments and the results will not impact your GLTA ranking.

More details (including photos) on each Cup page – check them out!

How do I join a Cups team?

It’s easy, just email the captain for the Cup you are interested in (listed on the each Cups individual page). If there is no captain assigned (or you’re unsure), reach out to the VTA Vice President:

In years of heavy interest, captains will coordinate team selection that players will only be in one cup (for fairness of membership participation).

While you may play ‘up’ a division – you are most likely to make the team of your relevant GLTA ranking.

We can’t wait to see you on court – and thank you for representing our club!

When and how are teams chosen?

If there is enough interest in a certain team, there will be tryouts – with captains responsible for selecting the competing team.

As the various Cups run at different times throughout the year – as do the dates that teams are selected. It is best to reach out to the captains as early as possible if you are interested (even if you only have faint interest). For most Cups, the team must be selected and submitted at least 60 days in advance.

The selection process generally depends on hosting vs destination years:

  • Destination Cups: We have more issue filling teams during years of travel (with most members who are interested getting on the team). Teams are chosen as early as possible to allow for travel arrangements to be made.
  • Vancouver-Hosted Cups: In years that we are hosting a Cup we experience far more interest in that team and may have various tryouts before a final selection.

What is the cost of participating in the Cups?

VTA members who wish to participate are required to cover costs involved in participating in the Cups, including:

  • Tournament entry fee (often partly subsidised by the VTA) – which covers the cost of venue, courts etc.
  • For destination Cups: Flights, accommodation and travel expenses (often VTA teams will share accommodation (like Airbnb) to save costs and build team camaraderie)

Ask the team captain (or for more details on approximate costs.

How are captains selected and what do they do?

Captain’s main responsibility is to be a liaison with other team captains (from other cities), and the Vancouver team. They also ensure that team members are eligible for participation and know the rules and etiquette of the tournament; and communicate out event details to the team.

Depending on the captain’s comfort level it can involve coaching and cultivating the culture of the team – fostering teamwork, setting a positive tone, and promoting sports-person-ship.

Captains volunteer (or are asked when the position is open) as coordinated by the VTA Vice-President. If you are interested in being a captain (or co-captain), please reach out to VTA Vice President:

How else can I participate? (Pinch-hitting, Volunteering and Spectating)


When we host one of the Cups in Vancouver. Some of the other cities may ask for a few additional players if they cannot front a full team. Captains and Tournament Directors will coordinate this as needed but it means that some of our members may play against the Vancouver team. In the spirit of the game and the cups, we love helping out other teams – and it’s a great way to participate,



We always need volunteers – especially in for Cups that Vancouver is hosting. Reach out to volunteer VTA Vice President:



Members are encouraged to come out, watch, and cheer on the teams!