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VTA Club Championships

Our VTA Club Championships bring friendly competition and social revelry to the iconic Stanley Park tennis courts. Compete, socialize, and spectate with friends, old and new.

Will your name be added to our historic Championship Trophy?


  • 2024: June 22-23

If required some matches may be played on the 21st and 24th where schedules allow.


Vancouver, BC
Stanley Park Tennis Courts

This tournament is for members only.

2023 Tournament


  • $60 per player – singles only or doubles only
  • $90 per player – both singles + doubles

2024 Registration

2024 registration will open May 4 @ 12 PM

Registration Link

2024 Format & Regulations

Main Draw

All matches before the finals will be a pro-set up to 8 games, with ad scoring.

The finals will be best two of three regular sets (with a regular tie break at 6-6), and a 10 point match tiebreak played in lieu of a full third set.

Consolation Matches

Consolation matches will be offered to those who lose their first match.

Consolation matches will be offered in singles and doubles events.

Consolation matches will be a set up to 6 games, with no ad scoring.

Divisions and Seeding:

Players must enter the correct division, as dictated by their GLTA Ranking.

For those without a GLTA Ranking, please see the Ratings/Divisions chart for description of divisions. It is the sole responsibility of each individual player to enter the division most appropriate for their ability.

Rule of thumb: when in doubt about which division is most appropriate for you, enter the higher division, not the lower one. The tournament director reserves the right to move participants to a higher division should player history and additional criteria warrant it. Once play has begun, players observed playing in a division too low for their ability will be disqualified at the sole discretion of the tournament director.

The Tournament Directors reserve the right to make any adjustments to entries where a player’s results on the GLTA Tour or at Tennis Canada events justify such.

There will be one seed for every four players in each draw. Seeding will be completed in accordance with players’ points on the GLTA Tour.

The Tournament Directors reserve the right to make adjustments where more recent non GLTA Tour results justify such (e.g. Tennis BC Spring League, or the VTA Singles Ladder).

2024 Tournament Team

Jeffrey Hernaez

Tournament Director

Have questions?

If you have any questions or want more information about the tournament please contact the VTA volunteer Tournament Director.

View past results


Adv: Robert Mate def. Bud Foley
Int: Bill McClintock def. Miles Linklater

Adv: Ed Liew
Int: Miles Linklater

Adv: Ed Liew def. Phil Russell
Int: Jim Millar def. Richard Lucas
Women: Dianne Robbie def. Linda Giesbrecht

A: Richard Woloshen def. Michael Simonds
B: Will Fong def. Tom Davis

A: Richard Woloshen def. Brian Bella
B: Tom Davis def. Lyn Blanchard

A: Daniel Louko def. Richard Woloshen
B: Rey Arandia def. Will Fong
C: Alex Harper def. Calli O’Brien
D: John Homewood def. Keith Johnson

A: Daniel Louko def. Terence Little
B: Bill McClintock def. Henry Lim
C: Bruce Choy def. Greg Walters
D: Ron Cancilla def. Lisa Blake

A: Terence Little def. Daniel Louko
B: Henry Lim def. Tom Davis
C: Daryoush Aslebiza def. Ron Cancilla

A: Collin Koo def. Daniel Louko
B: Ken MacDonald def. John Homewood

A: Matin Bahadori
B: John Finlay
C: Doug Macdonald

A: Collin Koo def. Kirby Leong
B: Darrell Ferrill def. ᴘᴀᴜʟ ɢʀᴇᴠᴇʟɪɴɢ
C: Wes Hawrysh def. Trevor Fraser
D: Peter Silin def. Greg Andrews

A: Daniel Louko
B: Rey Arandia
C: Chris Westcott

A: Brian Bella def. Daniel Louko
B: Eugene Cheng def. Paul Atkinson
C: Jeff Fleming def. James Schaefer
Womens: Donna Allaby def. Penelope Hedges

Adv: Matt Richie / Kirby Leong
Int: Doug Macdonald / Daryoush Aslebiza
Women: Frances Murphy

Flight 1: Collin Koo
Flight 2: Kirby Leong
Flight 3: Doug MacDonald
Flight 4: John Finlay

A: Daniel Louko def. Kevin O’Brien
B: Daryoush Aslebiza def. Bruce Choy
C: Michele Sorensen

A: Kirby Leong def. Brian Bella
B: Chris Westcott def. Charles Friesen
C: Julie Carlsten def. Ben Clermont
D: Ricardo Amar def. Jeremy Yang
E: Julio Gonzalez def. Unknown

A: Charles Friesen def. Brian Bella
B: Julie Carlsten def. Andrew Lowe
C: Richard Raines def. Patrick Forseille

A: Terence Little def. Daniel Louko
B: Jeremy Yang def. Leo Herrera
C: Giovanni Ortiz def. Patrick Forseille

A: Collin Koo def. Brian Lai
B: Carmine DiGiovanni def. David How
C: Youchan Chung def. Jung-Ho Cho
D: Jason Lau def. Michele Sorensen

A: Brian Bella def. James Morgan
B: Jorge Calderon def. Khai Ong
C: Adelrick Peppin def. Leo Herrera
D: Norman Deuft def. Michele Sorensen

A: Daniel Louko def. Marc Ramus
B: Chul Hyun Kim def. Bryce Burns
C: Curtis Redel def. Gregory Pac

A: Collin Koo def. Brian Lai
B: Bryce Burns def. Chris Westcott
C: Quan Guo def. Jason Lau
D: Norman Heuft def. Bruno Gagnon

Adv: Collin Koo def. James Morgan
Int: Peter Liang def. Chris Westcott
Beg: Andrew Morngan def. Ben Rogers

A: Collin Koo def. Daniel Louko
B: Kenny Wong def. Andrew Lowe
C: Sally Shamai def. Alexia Georgousis

Adv: Brian Bella def. Otto Chan
Int: Pablo Guitierrez def. Greg Wilson

Adv: David Browning def. Collin Koo
Int: Daniel Wu def. Erwin Capulong
Beg: Kevin Smith def. Will George

Adv: Brian Bella def. Daniel Ou
Int: Pom Klomjaroon def. Alex Yan

Not Held

Not Held (Covid-19)

A: Collin Koo def. Grant Prestedge
B: Kenny Wong def. Paul Wiens
C: Adrian Lewis def. Clarence Fong

A: James Crowe def. Grant Prestedge
B: Nick Irvine def. Carmine DiGiovanni
C: Eben Nel def. JR Hammond

A: Collin Koo def. Pom Klomjaroon (Consolation: Brian Bella)
B: Paul Wiens def. Greg Wilson (Consolation: Dayton Skei)
C: Marc Richard def. Clarence Fong (Consolation: Trevor Fraser)


Bud Foley & Don Renaud

Adv: Mark Long & Daniel Louko
Int: Ian Burke & John Finlay
Beg: Rob Dufty & Darrell Prentice

Adv: Michael Simonds & Richard Woloshen
Int: Joe Crowell & Bill McClintock
Beg: Bruce Choy & Fred Lee

Adv: Mark Long & Daniel Louko
Int: Bruce Choy & Khoa Nguyen

Adv: Brian Bella & Phil Russell
Darcy Greiner & Ken MacDonald

Adv: Matin Bahadori & Terence Little
Int: Davich Chen & Donn Short

Div 1: Daniel Louko & Michael Scholz
Div 2: Kevin Gillard & Ron Pascoe
Div 3: Khai Ong & Donn Short
Div 4: Al Hungerschafer & Peter Silin


Women: Donna Allaby & Janice McClintock
Div 1: Brian Bella & Bronwyn Muirhead
Div 2: Kirby Leong & Khai Ong
Div 3: Eugene Cheng & Eric Liaw
Div 4: Bruce Choy & Marcu Zbinden

Women: Pat Lawler & Lori McNulty
Div 1: Kirby Leong & Todd Quesnel
Div 2: Doug MacDonald & Ron Pascoe
Div 3: Rey Arandia & David McLellan
Div 4: Carlos Alaniz & Ricardo Amar


Adv: Doug MacDonald & Ron Pascoe
Int: Bruce Choy & Joseph Domaso
Beg: PJ Czank & Adelrick Peppin

Not Held

Adv: Doug MacDonald & Ron Pasco
Int: Thom Ciz & Roger Merkosky
Beg: Andre Dufour & Daryl Kochan

Adv: Collin Koo & Doug MacDonald
Int: James Ward & Jody Watt
Beg: Randy Christensen & Norman Heuft

Div 1: Collin Koo & Spencer Lui
Div 2: Frances Murphy & Jeremy Yang
Div 3: Mitsu Komba & Jason Lau
Div 4: Eugene Ng & Giovanni Ortiz

Div 1: Kirby Leong & Daniel Louko
Div 2: Eugene Cheng & Chris Westcott
Div 3: Herb DaSilva & Roger Merkosky

Adv: Collin Koo & Daniel Louko
Int: Curtis Redel & Dave Surette

Adv: Brian Bella & Neil Muzumder
Int: Bruce Choy & Ekko Jirapongpan
Beg: Bruno Gagnon & Mark Rozenberg

Adv: Don Koo & Daniel Louko
Int: Marlon Marcial & Sean Rose

Adv: Otto Chan & Terrence Little
Int: Michael Brown & Barron McConnachie
Beg: Alexia Georgousis & Jaime Ramos

Adv: Brian Bella & Otto Chan
Int: Carlos Alaniz & Brian Oentoro

Adv: Brian Bella & Collin Koo
Int: Jimmy Bejar & Jeff Rolheiser

Adv: David Browning & Marc Ramus
Int: Martin Mornet & John Nijjar

Adv: Mauricio Virmond & Paul Wiens
Int: Lin Li & Daisuke Ueda

Not Held

Adv: Sam Rogerson & Daniel Ou def. Collin Koo & Otto Chan
Int: Jeff Lo & Paul Bachmann def. Patrick Rmeily & Jorge Calderon
Beg: Adrian Lewis & Cameo Nicholas def. Jason Arsenault & Travis Bortolotto

A: Crowe / Browning def. Chan / Shaw
B: Wiens / Lewis def. DiGiovanni / Finlay
C: Hernaez / Nel def. Bortolotto / Arsenault

A: David Browning & James Crowe def. Collin Koo & Otto Chan (Consolation: Bryce Burns & Ron Pascoe)
B: Derrick Chang & Paul Wiens def. Adrian Lewis & Eben Nel (Consolation: Brant Amos & JR Hammond)
C: Colin Li & Marc Richard def. Jeff Hernaez & Liam Finnegan (Consolation: Bruno Boyle & Damian Jolley)




Mixed: Kathy K & Brian B
Doubles: Kirby L & Terence L
Kirby/Terence won the playoff for the advanced title of the day
Consolation: Bruce C & Ekko J


Mixed: Michele S & David S
Doubles: Phil C & Rick P
Consolation: Lenore R & Ricardo A


Advanced: Winner – Terence L/Steve S Runner-up – Charles F/Khai O
Intermediate: Winner – Raytcho A/Julio G Runner-up – Denis G/Ryan R


Advanced: Winner – Kathy K/Brian B Runner-up – Donna A/Paul G
Intermediate: Winner – Janice M/Bruce C Runner-up – Lenore R/David S


Advanced: Winner – Julie C/Khai O Runner-up – Sarah P/Charles F