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Unfortunately, the locations we have held Team Tennis previously are no longer available. We do not have courts available to run the program. We are looking at other programs and replacements for Team Tennis.

Team Tennis is designed to allow players interested in more competitive play to get consistent match play and also prepare our teams for Northwest, Pacific and West Coast Cups!

  • A, B and C players on each team
  • 4 teams to play each other weekly in 2 x 90 minute sessions
  • Top 2 teams at the end qualify for the playoffs.

Playtime on the 4 courts will consist of 2 singles and 2 doubles matches per session and you will either play the first 1.5 hr or the second 1.5 hr, depending on the week.  You can expect to play between 4-8 times during the session. A team captain can select to play an A player with a B or C player for doubles and the opposing team captain will match with the same level of players.  This should result in some great fun and highly entertaining matches!


Why should I play Team Tennis?

  • It is both fun and competitive
  • It prepares you to play in our Team Cup events (Northwest, Pacific and West Coast Cup)
  • You can expect to play anywhere from 4-9 times depending on your captain’s picks and your availability
  • It prepares you for tournament play
  • It fosters camaraderie and coaching skills
  • It keeps you healthy and gets you into better shape by playing at high intensity

Why does Team Tennis cost more than Summer Play Sessions?

  • It is a revenue-neutral program that operates on its own budget.  All costs to make it happen are covered by the participants.
  • Winners and Runners-up receive medals
  • It is a mix of singles and doubles so there are fewer players to cover court costs (the predominant cost associated with tennis)

What does Team Tennis cost?

Team tennis is not currently available.

In previous years each player has paid $15 per session/night played. This cost may vary in the future based on court costs.

If you would like to organize Team Tennis please contact the volunteer VTA Play Director:

View team tennis rules

Program Structure

Play Director

  • Responsibilities
    • functioning head of Team Tennis
    • responsible for initiating Team Tennis each season (usually Fall and Winter)
    • Recruiting team captains and players
    • Arranging the pre-season captain’s meeting
    • Arbitrate disputes
    • Makes an equitable schedule of which teams are: home & away
    • Ensures that team captains have balls for each session’s play
  • He / she may be a Team Tennis player, but not be a team captain to avoid a conflict of interest

VTA Board

  • Responsibilities
    • Appointing a Team Tennis Play Director
    • Handling the financial aspects of Team Tennis, including making court bookings, purchasing balls, and collecting player fees

Team Captains

  • Attend captain’s meetings, make suggestions on changes to Team Tennis rules
  • Put forward a roster for each session their team is to play
    • Players with the least # of sessions-played should always be given priority for an upcoming match
  • Distribute balls to their players for matches

Captain’s Meeting

  • Draft
    • VTA doubles points are used to rank all TT players
      • Players who do not have VTA ranking (or a disputed ranking) are categorized by mutual agreement or vote of the captains and commissioner
      • If a player has been mis-categorized (usually a new player), they may be re-categorized at any point by vote (see “voting” section)
    • All players are sorted by rank, and split into two categories of equal numbers:
      • Intermediate and Advanced
    • The draft for each category is done separately, so that each team has approx the same number of players in each category
  • All captains to go over the GuideBook, and agree on any changes necessary


    • Responsibilities
  • Provide reasonable notice of their availability to their captain(s)
  • Show up for match play in a timely fashion
      • Payments will be processed through paypal on GTN (Global Tennis Network)
  • Embody sportsmanship in their play by putting forward full effort, fairness in play, and courtesy for their team members and opponents
    • Players must arrive sober (unintoxicated)
      • Players found to arrive drunk may be removed from program at the discretion of the play director


  • Consist of 10-17 players for the program to function correctly
  • All team players (and spares) must be VTA members
  • Players may be added mid-season at the play-director’s discretion

Play Structure


  • There are two consecutive sessions each week, each lasting 1.50 hrs
  • In each session, 2 teams face off in 4 separate matches
  • Matches are identified by:
    • Category: Intermediate, Advanced, or Mixed (doubles only)
    • Type: Singles or Doubles


  • Home Team
    • Each week the captain of the ‘home’ team puts forward a roster of players that will contest their four matches for that week
      • They will play at least one double and one single
      • Spares should only be used as a last resort
    • When putting forward a roster, a home captain may (but is not required to) consider the availability of the opposing team’s players.
    • ‘Home’ roster deadline: Monday at midnight
  • Away Team
    • After receiving the home team’s line-up, the captain of the corresponding ‘away’ team will put forward a roster to match the ‘home’ team’s roster
    • ‘Away’ roster deadline: Wednesday at midnight
  • Intermediate players are allowed to be submitted for advanced, but not vice-versa

Match Format

  • A warm-up of no more than 5 minutes per match (strictly enforced)
  • All games are regular scoring (with deuces)
  • Best two of three sets
  • If split-sets, the third set will consist of a single 10-point super tiebreak
    • If less than 10 minutes are remaining, use a 7 points tiebreak instead (first to 7)
  • When 15 mins remain
    • Finish current game
    • Use “convert to tie-break” to finish set. ie
      • If I am to serve in the set at a score of: 3 serving 5 (ie 3-5), then we start the set tiebreak where I am serving at 3-5. Regular tie-break rules from there (first to 7, win by 2)
  • Before your session time is up, a winner must be decided. Make it happen.

Late Rules

  • 10 minutes late = loss of toss and 1st game
  • 20 minutes late = loss of toss and 2 games
  • 30 minutes late = loss of 1st set
  • Time starts after 1st full team arrives
  • In the spirit of flexibility, the rules don’t penalize anyone if they are <10 minutes late
  • The existing rules for finishing the match remain

Team Scoring

  • 1 Point will be awarded for each match
  • 1 Point for winning a set
  • 1 Point for winning in straight sets

In the rare event that < 4 players are available on a team roster

  • If a captain is in need of a spare, a request is sent to the spare list(s):
    • The can reach out to any player in the club
    • These player lists must be reset each season to include all non-TT VTA members
  • In call-out email for spares, ask spares to reply to the spares list
  • Spares can play both singles and doubles

Player Participation

  • Any player considered a full-time player is likely to play approximately half the outings the team plays
  • Team captains must ensure that their players each play
    • one singles match
    • two doubles matches
    • four matches in total

Selection of Players

  • Players are recruited by the VTA board and by the Team Captains
  • The Board should be sure to publish via the newsletter, website, Facebook page, or other methods that it is recruiting players to participate in Team Tennis
  • There should be enough time for players to respond in a timely fashion
  • Recruiting should start about a month before the season begins


  • This manual should be available to all VTA members
  • If a player believes there is a problem or they are being unfairly treated they should first refer to this manual
  • If this does not resolve the issue, they should bring it to the attention of their Captain
  • If after reasonable time, the problem is still not resolved, they should bring it to the attention of the Play Director
  • If after reasonable time, the problem is still not resolved, they should bring it to the attention of the Vice-president
  • If the dispute persists, the matter should be taken before the Board

View past results

2015 Team Tennis Session 3 (Aug-Dec)

Winning Team: Carmine’s Cobras

2015 Team Tennis Session 2 (May-July):

Winning Team : Dave’s Diablos

2015 Team Tennis Session 1 (Jan-April)

Winning Team: Carmine’s Cats