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Playing on the tennis ladder is a great way to meet new friends and hitting partners and a way to improve your singles game.

Singles Ladder – 2024 Relaunch

Box ladder format. Sign up according to your division (Open/A, B, C and D). You will be placed in a round robin box with 3-5 other members, in the same division.

Players are responsible for challenging and setting up their own matches. This includes any court bookings, fees and tennis balls.

Once a month, top-ranked and bottom-ranked players in each ‘Box’ get bumped up / down. A new round of round robin challenges begin. If you only complete one match / month, please note you may be regulated to a different pool regardless of your standing in the Box.

Register your interest in the next round of the Singles Ladder

    Must have a current membership to participate.

    Singles Ladder Guidelines

    1. Players are responsible for challenging and setting up their own matches. This includes any court bookings, fees and tennis balls – any court fees split between players.
    2. Players need to agree on a venue and time for matches.
    3. The winner of each match reports the score within 48 hours.
    4. Each player should bring an unopened can of balls. One for use for the match. The winner takes the unused can.
    5. Match Format: It is preferred you complete a best 2-out-of-3 set match, using a 10-point tiebreaker in lieu of a full third set. Players can mutually agree upon a different format/length to ensure match completion. If you have a reserved court time, discuss before play begins how you will score a match if it is incomplete at the conclusion of your court booking.
    6. Only matches between players of the same division (or same box) will count for towards ladder points.
    7. Exercise common courtesy by returning phone calls and emails promptly. If you become injured or ill, inform your opponent immediately.

    More general tennis etiquette

    Have questions?

    If you would like to help coordinate the ladder please contact the VTA volunteer President:

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    Spring 2017:

    2016 Results:

    2015 Results:

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    Session 1

    • Division A : Charles F 19 points
    • Division B : Raytcho A 8 points
    • Division C : Ann D/ Rick P 6 points
    • Division D : Jorge C 15 points

    Session 2

    • Division A : Charles F/ Charles P 15 points
    • Division B : Remi M 15 points
    • Division C : Jorge C 15 points
    • Division D : Jeremy Y 18 points
    • Division E : Harry Y 3 points
    • Division F : Richard H 6 points

    Session 3

    • Division A : Remi M 12 points
    • Division B : Jorge C 20 points
    • Division C : Andrew L 18 points
    • Division D : Stephen F 12 points

    Session 4

    • Division A : Remi M 18 points
    • Division B : Jeremy Y 16 points
    • Division C : Randy C 8 points


    Round 1 winners:

    • Division A: Joel Harnest
    • Division B: Chris Mariano
    • Division C: Cameo Nicholas