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Singles List

Our regular Singles Ladder will not be running during the Tournament/Outdoor season; but this Singles List is a way for you to find and organize matches with other players who are interested in singles player.

Looking to play more Singles over Summer? Add yourself onto our Singles List. Members who are on this list will have access to the other players who are also interested in playing singles tennis.

We encourage members to reach out to other members and play! It’s a great way to meet new friends and hitting partners and a way to improve your singles game.

Players are responsible for challenging and setting up their own matches. This includes any court bookings, fees and tennis balls.

Register for Singles List

Must have a current VTA membership to participate. Join the VTA

When you register for the Singles List, one of our volunteers will manually verify your VTA membership. You will be then added to the shared list of VTA members on the Singles List.

The list is currently being coordinated by our volunteer Communications Director:

Register for the Singles List

General Singles List Guidelines

  1. Players are responsible for coordinating and setting up their own matches. This includes any court bookings, fees and tennis balls. Communicate and organize shared costs with your opponent directly.
  2. The play format is completely up to the players. Scores are not reported or recorded by VTA.
  3. Exercise common courtesy by returning phone calls and emails promptly. If you become injured or ill, inform your opponent immediately. If you wish to withdraw from the Singles List, please email:
  4. Have fun!

More general tennis etiquette

View Singles Ladder past results

Spring 2017:

2016 Results:

2015 Results:

2014 Results:

2013 Results:

2012 Results

2011 Results

2010 Results


Session 1

  • Division A : Charles F 19 points
  • Division B : Raytcho A 8 points
  • Division C : Ann D/ Rick P 6 points
  • Division D : Jorge C 15 points

Session 2

  • Division A : Charles F/ Charles P 15 points
  • Division B : Remi M 15 points
  • Division C : Jorge C 15 points
  • Division D : Jeremy Y 18 points
  • Division E : Harry Y 3 points
  • Division F : Richard H 6 points

Session 3

  • Division A : Remi M 12 points
  • Division B : Jorge C 20 points
  • Division C : Andrew L 18 points
  • Division D : Stephen F 12 points

Session 4

  • Division A : Remi M 18 points
  • Division B : Jeremy Y 16 points
  • Division C : Randy C 8 points


Round 1 winners:

  • Division A: Joel Harnest
  • Division B: Chris Mariano
  • Division C: Cameo Nicholas