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Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote and support tennis as a positive activity for all regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Our Values


We enjoy the tennis, camaraderie, and time we share as friends and competitors.


We actively seek to bring all who play, support, and/or enjoy the game of tennis into our events, membership, and leadership on a nondiscriminatory basis.


We foster an environment that encourages and supports differing points of view, backgrounds, and experiences.


We place a premium on mutual respect amongst competitors, and fairness in competition.


We believe that our mission can be best achieved through the efforts of its volunteers and members working as a team.

The Vancouver Tennis Association (VTA) is a non-profit tennis organization which fosters and promotes goodwill, fellowship, and healthy competition among tennis players in the Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community (2SLGBTQ+) since 1991.

100% volunteer-run

The VTA is completely volunteer-run (including our Executive Committee).

All membership dues, program fees, fundraising, and sponsorship funds go towards operating costs and into the club. We have a long history of camaraderie and helping each other out. Members are encouraged to volunteer when they can.

Some of our regular volunteer needs include:

We are extremely grateful for all of the volunteers and sponsors who have helped our club flourish, and who continue to dedicate their time. If you are interested in volunteering please email:

Ed Walter Volunteer Award

The Ed Walter Volunteer Award symbolizes a long-term contribution to the VTA. Each year the executive votes to decide who should receive the award. People who have distinguished themselves by years of dedicated service and selfless contribution to the VTA have tended to be the winners.

View award recipients

Ed Walter was a former VTA member, volunteer, and member of the Executive Committee. Ed lost his battle with cancer in March 2005 and his partner, Peter Steele, very generously established the Ed Walter award, the trophy, and its legacy, in Ed’s memory. Ed was a member who was always one of the first to volunteer and help out with the organization and operation of VTA events. He was also known for rounding up the most fabulous door prizes for VIP tournaments.

2023 – Bob Charlton
2022 – Collin Koo
2021 – Roger Merkosky
2020 – Not awarded
2019 – Jeff Lo
2018 – Harry Young
2017 – Vangie Johnson
2016 – Paul Weins
2015 – Carmine DiGiovanni
2014 – Joe Crowell
2013 – Brian Bella
2012 – Doug Macdonald
2011 – Charles Friesen
2010 – Khai Ong
2009 – Herb daSilva
2008 – Bud Foley
2007 – Valerie DiCapita
2006 – Janice McClintock
2005 – David Surette

Our History

In the afterglow of Celebration ’90, Gay Games III hosted in Vancouver, tennis enthusiasts organized a gay and lesbian group. The Stanley Park courts afforded a friendly environment for novices and advanced players alike to hit the ball recreationally from spring onwards and competitively in club championships.

Each season membership grew and weeknight play was moved to Langara campus and subsequently expanded to include Stanley Park as well. In 1993 the club was affiliated with the international Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA). VTA members compete regularly in GLTA’s many tournaments held around the world, as well as in the Gay Games and OutGames.

In 1996, the Vancouver Tennis Association inaugurated the annual NorthWest Cup team competition with the Seattle Tennis Alliance and Team Portland Tennis Association. Featuring some of the best tennis players from each club, the NWC is rotated each year amongst the three cities.

In 2000, we inaugurated the Vancouver International Pride (VIP), a GLTA-sanctioned tournament of our own. It annually attracts players from all over the world.

However, it is the camaraderie and fun times that attract the majority of the VTA members. Every effort is made to make all feel welcome. Events both athletic and social dot the season. Donations by the club to local charities now total thousands of dollars. This strong people-positive attitude to our diverse community propels the Vancouver Tennis Association into its third decade.

VTA Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was created in 2013 to recognize individuals that have had a strong influence in making the VTA such a successful club that contributes so positively to the tennis and 2SLGBTQ+ community.

2015 – Bud Foley
2015 – Collin Koo
2014 – Joe Crowell

Play Video
Watch our 25th-anniversary video (1996)

Friends of the VTA

We are extremely grateful for the following friends, partners, and affiliations that support the VTA. Help support the friends that support us:

Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA)

Global LGBT sports organization that sanctions over 70 competitive tennis events across the globe each year. VTA has been proudly affiliated with GLTA since 1993.
Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA)

Tennis BC

VTA and Tennis BC have been partners and we are very thankful for their support and for allowing us to use The Hub at Stanley Park Courts.
Tennis BC


Babolat has been a presenting sponsor for our VIP tournament for many years. We are endlessly grateful for their support in making this tournament possible.

Burly Barber

Located at 1342 Burrard Street Burly Barber offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for all your grooming needs. Burly Barber has been a long-term supporter of our club.
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Rackets & Runners

5-star service and their expert advice is unmatched. A supply for every swing.
Rackets & Runners

Racket Spa

Located in Yaletown, racket stringing with more than 20 years experience.
Racket Spa