North West Cup (NWC)

NWC Event Guidelines

NWC Competition Guidelines and Rules document v1.1


NWC Vancouver Team Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible to try out for the NWC, in addition to being a current VTA member and have GLTA points prior to the announcement of the completed roster and , you must meet ONE of the following criteria:

• GLTA – Open and A ranked player at one point in the 2 years before the current competition year (having won at least one match during that time).
• Tennis BC – 5.0, 4.5 or 4.0 ranked player (having won at least one match) in the 2 years before the current competition year.

Exception to Eligibility Rules:

The Captain reserves the right to give two wild cards to players due to extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances can include new players to Vancouver or players coming back from injuries.
Role of Captain:
• A Captain is nominated by the VTA Vice President with the majority approval of the VTA Executive Board. The Captain is not guaranteed a spot in the completed roster.
• The Captain will report regularly to the VTA Board via updates to the VTA Vice President. The VTA Board reserves the right to supersede any decisions made the Captain during times of extreme cause.
Role of VTA:
• The VTA will help the Captain with fundraising efforts to offset event costs on a year to year basis based on need and health of VTA funds. Final decision on amount of funds provided determined by VTA Board.
• Changes in guidelines must be approved by the majority of the VTA Board.

Player Obligations:
• Each player may be required to pay a fee to participate. The fee will vary depending on need and will be determined by the Captain.
• Each player is required to attempt with all goodwill to participate in fundraising and provide assistance with any necessary tasks (especially in years Vancouver is home team).
• All players are expected to demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship, adhering to the VTA Code of Conduct.
• Team spirit is an important aspect of this competition. It is expected that all participating players be present during as many matches, practices and functions as possible.
• Complaints filed against a player are to be handled by the Protest and Discipline Committee. The Committee, with advice from the Captain, reserves the right to suspend that player from NWC competition(s).

Tryout Process:
• Tryout method will be determined by the Captain based on player interest and need.
• The Captain will use results from any tryouts and past tournaments to help determine ranking position, double pairings and spares.