Team Tennis

Team Tennis was designed to allow players interested in more competitive play to get consistent match play and also prepare our teams for Northwest, PAC and West Coast Cups!

Session 1 (2015 Jan-Apr) winners were:  CARMINE’s CATS

Session 2 (2015 May-July) winners were:  DAVE’s DIABLOS

Session 3 (2015 Aug-Dec) winners were:  CARMINE’s COBRAS

2016 Spring, session 4:
Our next session will begin Jan 29 and will end on April 29, 2016, which will give teams 13 weeks of competitive play (includes a playoff between the top 2 team finishers). It will be on every Friday from 8-11 pm at the Richmond Country Club.

Unlike 2015, there won’t be any summer Team Tennis session in 2016.

We will have a group of A, B & C players in 4 teams. Play time on the 4 courts will consist of 2 singles and 2 doubles matches per session and you will either play the first 1.5 hr or the 2nd 1.5 hr, depending on the week.  You can expect to play between 4-8 times during the session.  A team captain can select to play an A player with a B or C player for doubles and the opposing team captain will match with the same level of players.  This should result in some great fun and highly entertaining matches!

Anyone with questions or wishing to express interest, please contact Carmine DiGiovanni.

Where: Richmond Country Club
When: Every Friday, Jan 29-Apr 29. Each player will only play between 4 to 8 times.
Time: you play either of 2 sessions: 8-9:30pm, or 9:30-11pm
Who: A, B, C players on each team
4 teams to play each other weekly in 2 x 90 minute sessions

Top 2 teams at the end qualify for the playoffs.

Why should I play Team Tennis?

  • It is both fun and competitive
  • It prepares you to play in our Team Cup events (Northwest, Pacific and West Coast Cup)
  • You can expect to play anywhere from 4-9 times depending on your captain’s picks and your availability
  • It prepares you for tournament play
  • It fosters camaraderie and coaching skills
  • It keeps you healthy and gets you into better shape by playing at high intensity

Why does Team Tennis cost more than Summer Play Sessions?

  • It is a revenue-neutral program that operates on its own budget.  All costs to make it happen are covered by the participants.
  • Winners and Runners-up receive medals
  • It is a mix of singles and doubles so there are less players to cover court costs (the predominant cost associated with tennis)

What will Team Tennis cost this year?

  • Each player pays extra $25 to join, and $10 per session/night he/she plays. Payments will be organized by the team captain.

Team Tennis Rules & Past Results

Contact Carmine DiGiovanni to sign-up or to get more info.