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Tennis Etiquette

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National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP)

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Other links and resources

Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance
The GLTA is the international organization that manages and sanctions the gay tennis circuit around the world. There are 40 gay and lesbian tennis clubs around the world that comprise the GLTA. With over 70 annual GLTA-sanctioned tournaments in the U.S, Canada, Europe and Asia, the GLTA is the fastest growing gay sports organization. An estimated 10,000 players will take part in GLTA tournaments over the next year, and the number of tournaments and players grows each year.

NOTE: The VTA has the honour of hosting a GLTA-sanctioned tournament called Vancouver International Pride (VIP) tournament during the Vancouver Pride Weekend.

Tennis BC

Tennis BC is the governing body of tennis in British Columbia. Leagues and tournaments are sanctioned through this organization. Rankings for individuals and teams involved in leagues are tabulated and hosted on this site. Tennis BC hosts the Stanley Park Open every year which is one of (if not the) largest public tournament held in North America

Team Vancouver

Team Vancouver is an umbrella organization of 25 different LGBT sport clubs. In addition to international events, it aims to unite the LGBT sport and cultural community into a vibrant organization for the benefit of each and everyone of us, not only on the international stage but at home in our city, province and nation as well.

Vancouver Public Tennis

Vancouver Public Tennis is the web presence of Vancouver tennis players who wish to maintain and improve opportunities for the public to play this lovely game in our city.

1) To gain a public indoor tennis facility. Currently there are no tennis facilities run by the City.
2) To maintain and improve conditions of the public outdoor courts.