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Who: ALL players are welcome to our club. We do not discriminate on age, gender and obviously, sexual orientation. We have programs for many skill levels.

Cost: Registration for the season cost $50.
Each tennis program, social event or tournament may charge additional fees.

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Benefits of our membership

The Vancouver Tennis Association is a non-profit organization that is run entirely by dedicated volunteers. The annual membership fee allows the VTA to run affordable year-round programs that support and promote tennis in the LGBTQ+ community. We are not in the business of teaching tennis, but rather provide an outlet for our members to meet other people to play through our various programs. This year, our annual membership fees is $50. Our membership fee entitles you to:

  • Social events
  • Club tournaments
  • Weekly social doubles play sessions (year-round)
  • Singles ladder
  • Participate in our year end dinner at a discounted rate
  • International club competitions such as the North West Cup and Pacific Cup
  • Participate in international tournaments sanctioned by the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance
  • Access our membership list where you can connect with other great tennis players!
  • Join Tennis BC at a reduced rate!
  • And finally, connect with old friends and meet new ones!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can women join the Vancouver Tennis Association?

Yes! The VTA is a LGBTQ+ association; we welcome everyone that enjoys the game of tennis to participate regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion or age. We have members from 18 to 80+ (minors will need permission from a guardian).

We do no accept discrimination or harassment of any kind, including based on age, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Read our code of conduct.

What is GTN (Global Tennis Network)?

With a large number of members (200+ at times) and many programs – all run by volunteers – there GTN is a fully supported platform that allows us easily administer, process and organize our members, events and programs.

Global Tennis Network is a platform that we use to process our membership signups, event registration and tennis programs – all with easy online payment.

We need to respect the privacy of our members, and GTN is a fully secure system.

GTN also offers a comprehensive ranking system (or “Calculated Level”) for players – which we use for many of our programs. 

I’m not sure about joining the VTA, can you help?

We know that joining a new group can be a daunting. We are a friendly inclusive bunch. Please reach out to one of our volunteer Executive Committee members, we can answer any of your questions and pair you up with a buddy for your first events/programs. Let us know what will help you and we will do our best to provide it.