Executive Committee Overview

The Vancouver Tennis Association is run by a volunteer executive committee (board) that consists of the following positions:

• President

• Vice-President

• Treasurer

• Tournament Director

• Play Director

• Secretary

• Social Director and Volunteer Coordinator

• Communications/Website Director

• Past-President (*non voting position)

The Board is elected on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting in September. The Board then meets on a regular basis to plan, organize and implement our programs for the new season.

In addition, the Board relies on many other volunteers (Non-Board positions) to help coordinate and run our programs. These volunteers are appointed by the Board and include:

• Play Night and Winter Tennis Coordinators (working with the Play Director)

• VIP Tournament Director (working with the President)

• Tennis B.C. League Coordinator(working with the Vice-President)

• Singles Ladder Coordinator (working with the Vice-President)

• North West Cup Captain (working with the Vice-President)

• Pacific Cup Captain (working with the Vice-President)


Position Descriptions


The president’s primary role is to oversee the VTA and to coordinate events and projects as needed. The President should support the other board members and offer assistance as needed. The President also runs the Board meeting. Projects that the President has coordinated includes: New VTA Web Site, and VIP liaison.


The vice-president role is to support the president and assist with strategic planning. The vice-president also organizes the discipline committee which consists of two other VTA members. The vice-president will also act as a liaison with the North West Cup and Pacific Cup captains, plus the Singles Ladder coordinator.


The treasurer’s role is to look after the fiscal health of the VTA. The treasurer is responsible for collecting and distributing money and ensuring that all money is accounted for. The treasurer also creates regular financial updates for the Board and will also create a financial summary for the AGM.

Tournament Director

The tournament director’s primary role is to run our club tournaments (ie. mixed doubles, singles and doubles). Tasks include securing the site, advertising, creating the draw and obtaining prizes.

Play Director

The play director’s primary role is to run our tennis programs. The play director organizes the summer and winter tennis and works with our play night director and the court administrators to ensure that our tennis programs run smoothly.


The secretary’s role is to ensure that board meetings are documented in our minutes. The secretary is also our contact for the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association.

Social Director and Volunteer Coordinator

The Social director’s role is to run social events for our membership plus to organize our registration night. Examples of social events include a winter social, a spring social, and a volunteer appreciation BBQ.

Communications/Website Director

The communications/website director’s role is to manage communications to the membership which includes regular email updates. This position also manages our website and is responsible for keeping the website current and up to date. Technical knowledge is a plus but not a necessity.


The past-president’s role is to provide guidance to the current president and to act as a resource for the Board.