Executive Committee


Brian Bella


As a member since 1994 I’m looking forward to combining past experience with new ideas to continue to provide VTA members with the best club possible.

The VTA should be a welcoming place for those looking for community while having fun playing a sport they love.

Come play with us! ?

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Jeff Hernaez

Vice President

Email: vicepresident@vtatennis.ca | GTN Profile


John Finlay


Email: treasurer@vtatennis.ca | GTN Profile


Adam Williams


I have been with the VTA for a long time! My tennis is more “social-focused”, though I want to play more and improve my game. I really appreciate the opportunity to play with other members of the LGBQT community, and the Friday evenings in the summer are a highlight for me after a long work week. I live a very active lifestyle, and am a yoga enthusiast, cyclist, snowboarder and just learned to ski, showing you can really teach an old dog some new tricks! I enjoy all this and more, but it means I’m more a jack of all trades and master of none. I look forward to working with members to facilitate some great tennis.

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Vangie Johnson

Play Director

I have enjoyed every year that I have been a member of the VTA. It truly is a great club with a fantastic group of players. Coming back to serve on the Board is a no-brainer for me, after taking time off for a couple of years. The club gives us so much – social events, friendships, laughter and tennis – and it is my pleasure to give back in my own humble way. I hope to meet most of you during the social events we have planned this year, and also on the courts of course.

Email: playdirector@vtatennis.ca | GTN Profile


Joe Crowell

Social Director

Email: social@vtatennis.ca | GTN Profile


James Crowe

Tournament Director

James has been a member of the VTA since 2015 and has represented our club both in the Northwest Cup and our summer league. His tennis background extended from being an ITF, Tennis Ireland Level 1 coach which he completed in 2008/2009 and was a part time tennis coach until 2015. In this period, he coached young children and adults at various level in five different tennis clubs. He is a qualified tennis Ireland tournament referee which he received his qualification in 2013. Since 2008, James has been on the board of directors for over 5 years in three different tennis clubs both as a coaching representative and as a player.

Email: tournaments@vtatennis.ca | GTN Profile


Damian Jolley

Communications Director

I’ve been playing with the VTA for four years now. You’ll find me playing VTA Social Doubles in Winter and Summer – make sure you say hello!

Email: communications@vtatennis.ca | GTN Profile



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