Ed Walter Award

Ed Walter was a former VTA member, volunteer, and member of the Executive Committee. Ed was lost to cancer in March 2005, and his partner Peter Steele, very generously established the Ed Walter award, the trophy, and its legacy, in Ed’s memory. Ed was a member who was always one of the first to volunteer and help out with the organization and operation of VTA events. He was responsible for rounding up the most fabulous door prizes for the first ever VIP tournament. He also served as Vice President on the board in 1998/99.

The Ed Walter award symbolizes long-term contribution to the VTA. Each year the executive votes to decide who should receive the award. People who have distinguished themselves by years of dedicated service and selfless contribution to the VTA have tended to be the winners.

2018 Recipient

Harry Young

The Executive Committee is most pleased to announce that the winner for 2018 is Harry Young.

Harry has been on the VTA executive for 11 straight years. That is a record not even Joe Crowell can match!
Harry started on the board as secretary for two years. He was also Play Director for three years and Treasurer for one year. Then he was President for three straight years (also a record), past president for year, and then returned this year as Tournament Director. The guy has really done it all.

Doing even one of those jobs is a huge service. Harry kept at it for 11 years! Incredible!

To top it off, he served as VIP Director for two years – which is one of the most intense and time consuming positions in the VTA. Under Harry’s guidance we moved to have the VIP barbecue in the park. Both times, it has been a tremendous success. Harry worked tirelessly to acquire the permits to make it happen.

Harry has always been quick to acknowledge volunteers. He has gone out of his way to host some wonderful volunteer parties. He also sticks up for the underdog, for some of the unheard voices in the VTA. I can’t count the number of times Harry has spoken up at a board meeting to make sure we consider the C players. He’s brought balance and perspective and has been the voice of wisdom.

It’s with mixed feelings that we see Harry leave the board. On the one hand we are very sorry to see him go; on the other hand I’m so thankful for the tremendous amount of work he has done and for the amazing quality he has brought to the VTA. He has earned a good rest, as well as our respect and admiration. He has truly been a builder of this organization and the VTA am incredibly grateful for him, and for all he has done.

Thank you Harry! You are most deserving of this award.

Past Recipients

2005 – David Surette
2006 – Janice McClintock
2007 – Valerie DiCapita
2008 – Bud Foley
2009 – Herb daSilva
2010 – Khai Ong
2011 – Charles Friesen
2012 – Doug Macdonald
2013 – Brian Bella
2014 – Joe Crowell
2015 – Carmine DiGiovanni
2016 – Paul Weins
2017 – Vangie Johnson