Ed Walter Award


The Ed Walter Award was created in 2005 to honour Ed Walter who passed away from cancer that year for his good work with the VTA.

The award is sponsored by Ed’s long term partner (30 years) Peter Steele.

Through this award the VTA now recognizes each year a person who has a long-term committment to make that extra effort and who enthusiastically supports the VTA through volunteer work.

It is to single out someone who deserves recognition and who doesn’t always receive the thanks he or she should.

Each year nominations are open to the VTA membership. The recipient is chosen by the executive committee.


2018 Recipient

Harry Young


Past Recipients

2005 – David Surette
2006 – Janice McClintock
2007 – Valerie DiCapita
2008 – Bud Foley
2009 – Herb daSilva
2010 – Khai Ong
2011 – Charles Friesen
2012 – Doug Macdonald
2013 – Brian Bella
2014 – Joe Crowell
2015 – Carmine DiGiovanni
2016 – Paul Weins