2017 Executive Committee

Charles Friesen – President

After a few years of hiatus from the Board, I’m truly delighted to serve on the board (again) for an LGBT organization of my favourite sport. The VTA is a welcoming place that happens to offer a lot of great tennis. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I have. Please reach out to me or any member of this amazing board and help us make the VTA even better! Email: president@vtatennis.ca


Paul Wiens – Vice President

I started playing tennis in 2011 with VTA, and I’m grateful for the support, programs, and fun times while learning to play. My technical background, optimism, and enthusiasm for tennis bring strength to the club!


Rachel Sarsan – Treasurer

I started playing tennis in the summer time of 2016, it is such a fun sport. It is not only a good way to stay fit and healthy, but also a great way to connect to more mind-alike people. I relocated to Vancouver from Toronto due to a job transfer in 2015. I am still in the process of discovering Vancouver. VTA’s welcoming environment made it easier for me to adapt to the new environment. This is my first year being a volunteer on the board, I feel honored to be part of this amazing teamEmail: treasurer@vtatennis.ca


Adam Williams – Secretary

I have been with the VTA for a long time! My tennis is more “social-focused”, though I want to play more and improve my game. I really appreciate the opportunity to play with other members of the LGBQT community, and the Friday evenings in the summer are a highlight for me after a long work week. I live a very active lifestyle, and am a yoga enthusiast, cyclist, snowboarder and just learned to ski, showing you can really teach an old dog some new tricks! I enjoy all this and more, but it means I’m more a jack of all trades and master of none. I look forward to working with members to facilitate some great tennis.


Aaron Barrett – Play Director

Email: playdirector@vtatennis.ca


Joe Crowell – Social Director
Joe was one of the founding members of VTA and has served on the board in several positions over the years. A resident of Maple Ridge and promoter of all things “glamorous”, he is out to get people involved! Members’ suggestions for activities and gatherings that are both affordable and fun off the tennis courts are indeed welcomed. In fact “welcoming” is to be an emphasis of the events, allowing opportunities for all members of all tennis levels to get to know each other. Also the best way one can get to know other members is to volunteer for VTA events.  Making it happen is where it’s at for sure! Email: social@vtatennis.ca

Jeremy Yang – Tournament Director
I love playing tennis and I have made a lot of great friends at VTA! In addition to playing tennis, I also like to sing and like to sample the different kind of food one can find in Vancouver. It is my pleasure to be able to organize the many fun tournaments for all VTA members. Email: tournaments@vtatennis.ca

Brian Oentoro – Communications Director
A VTA member since 2011, I am currently serving as the Communications Director. Given my day-job experience in communications, this position seems like a natural fit. I really enjoy playing with VTA, it is a very well-organized club, I get to meet lots of new friends and travel to play my favourite sport in the world (yes, it’s not hockey and quoting Maria Sharapova, I’m a “cow on ice”!). Say hi if you see me on the court! Email: communications@vtatennis.ca

Program Coordinators:

Winter Tennis Coordinator (Sunday) – David Surette
Singles Ladder coordinator –
Bruno Boyle
Team Tennis Coordinator –
 Paul Weins